Aston Martin DB2/4 2.9L Head Gasket Solid Copper Cometic David Brown



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB2/4 2.9L

When we originally had Cometic make our composition head gaskets there was a miscommunication and they made them out of solid copper.  The original head gaskets on these cars were a multi-layer copper.  Perhaps you could use this solid copper type as a spacer along with a composition gasket if you needed to lower your compression ratio.  Or maybe you could use them on race engines that get torn down between races as you could reuse the solid gasket.  Or maybe they would work just fine in place of a standard gasket!  This one fits Aston Martin DB2/4 and David Brown Lagonda with the 2.9L engines.   We also have all of the individual engine gaskets for these vehicles in stock so we can build you a complete head gasket set if needed.

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