Aston Martin Water Pump DB4 DB5 DB6 New And Improved



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB4 DB5 DB6

We have been rebuilding the water pumps on the 6-cylinder DB cars for years but now we are using this new and improved unit made by JMB Services in the UK. We still carry the rebuild kits in our store for those of you who wish to do so but this complete new water pump is another option. Not only is the casting brand new but the pulley and sealing system are much improved. The impeller is an uprated design with curved vanes that circulates more water than the original straight-vane type. We usually spend about 3 hours rebuilding these pumps so when you add that to the cost of the rebuild kit this might be a good way to go. Comes with a gasket and stainless steel mounting hardware.

We are a stocking dealer for JMB products in the US. JMB manufacture a line of classic Aston parts in the UK. Their products are innovative and improved versions of items like water pumps, oil pumps, breather tubes, engine studs, and various and sundry engine parts.

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