Aston Martin Cam Seal Kit DB2 DB2/4 Mark III Lagonda



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB2 DB2/4 Mark III Lagonda
Here is a neat upgrade for your Feltham engine to stop those messy oil leaks. The stock camshaft seals on these engines are strips of cork glued into a brass sheet metal ring that are notorious for leaking. They seal against the cylinder head, the cam covers, and the upper and lower front covers. The cork tends to harden and shrink over the years leading to lots of leaks at the front of your engine. These machined brass rings carry durable rubber o-rings for superior sealing. You have to unbolt the cams to fit them but it is a worthwile upgrade as it is nearly impossible to stop the leaks otherwise. These do not take a set like the cork strips, so you can use them over and over. The price is for one engine set, two seals.

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