Aston Martin DB2 DB2/4 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Set Cupped Type


Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB2 DB2/4

These beautiful stainless steel exhaust manifolds are the solution to the problem of cracked, pitted, unavailable cast iron manifolds for your DB2 and DB2/4 with the cup style flange. These are very nicely made and fit perfectly. You can run them as is or coat them black to resemble the original parts. We have the later 2-bolt flange style manifolds listed in our store which you can run on these cars as long as you change the downpipe, which we also have in stock. These units are expensive but are a lifetime solution to an ongoing problem. We carry the complete line of Quicksilver UK stainless steel exhaust for classic Aston Martins from DB2 through DB6.

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