Aston Martin DB4 DB5 DB6 DBS Forged Pistons Set 4.2 L



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB4 DB5 DB6 DBS

We have virtually everything in stock that you would need to rebuild the engine of your classic DB Aston Martin 6-cylinder, DB2 through DBS. Here we have a set of six forged Ross Racing pistons for your DB5 through DBS 4 Liter. They are a .100″ overbore, giving a useful 200cc displacement increase. Your existing liners are bored and honed to suit; if your liners are damaged we have new ones in stock at this piston size, needing only a final hone for clearance. This set comes with a set of Total Seal piston rings. The piston pins are made slightly oversize, so your existing pin bushes just need to be honed and not replaced. A DB4 3.7L would require machine work to the upper and lower liner bores and new liners to use these pistons. These pistons are stronger and less expensive than the stock cast ones. A no-brainer, used on all of our in-house engine rebuilds.

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