Aston Martin DB4 DB5 DB6 Trailing Arm Bushing Pair Set



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB4 DB5 DB6

Worn and perished trailing arm bushings are a common cause of clunking noises coming from the rear of your DB4, 5, or 6. There are 4 trailing arms, 2 upper and 2 lower, for a total of 8 bushings per car. This listing is for a pack of 2 bushings so this will do 1 arm. Please change the quantity if you need more. All DB4 and DB5 cars had replaceable bushings but the DB6 went to an arm with non-replaceable bonded in bushings. Unless your DB6 arms have been replaced at some point these bushings will not work on your DB6. You can tell by examining the bushing in your car to see if it has an outer sleeve or not, like the one in the picture. If the bushing has no outer sleeve you will have to replace your entire arms, which we have in our store. You can also use the complete new arms on your DB4 or DB5 if yours are damaged or you want to avoid the hassle of pressing the bushings in and out.

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