Aston Martin DB4 Genuine SU Fuel Pump Dual Polarity



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB4

Brand-new, fresh-stock, genuine made in UK SU fuel pump for your Aston Martin DB4. AUA 161, High-Pressure. The DB4 used this special pump which has two threaded mounting holes in the central body for bolting it to a mounting bracket. Many DB4s have been jury-rigged for the later DB5/6 pump which does not have these mounting holes so please check yours out. These new units are only sporadically available (I waited 18 months for these) so better grab one while you can! This is the original double-ended pump using the traditional points-type technology that has served so well for so many years. As such, it is not polarity-conscious, and will work on either positive or negative earth vehicles. As either end operates independently, you essentially have two separate pumps with attendant reliability. Nice to carry a spare on those long drives!

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