Jubilee Hose Clamp Workshop Pack 143 Assorted Stainless Steel Clips Aston Martin


If you have a classic car restoration business, a repair shop, or a small car collection this Jubilee workshop pack is for you! You get 143 assorted stainless steel hose clamps which works out to a little over $2 per clamp. This is a substantial savings over buying the clamps separately or in boxes of 10. You can easily refill the empty slots as you use the clamps by ordering from our store.

Classic car restoration is all about the details. We use Jubilee hose clamps exclusively in our classic Aston Martin restoration business. Jubilee was one of the original suppliers to Aston Martin, Jaguar, and other British marques along with Cheney, Terrys, Regent, and others. Jubilee is still in business making hose clamps of the highest quality.

We carry the range made from 304 stainless steel. These are nicely graduated so you can choose a clamp that fits your hose exactly. These are the clamps to use on your British car if you want the best.

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