Aston Martin DB4 Fitted Tan Flannel Car Cover



Vehicle Application: Aston Martin DB4

There is an incredible array of car covers available today, all the way from $20 up to $700 and all points in between. There seem to be covers for virtually every purpose. What we offer here is what we consider to be the best all-around car cover that we have ever found for your precious Aston Martin. These covers are made by Covercraft Industries, one of the pioneers in this area. The fabric is called Tan Flannel. It is a blend of synthetic and cotton, with the underside napped to a soft flannel texture. We know you keep your classic Aston clean, but this material will not scratch the paint even when put on a dusty car. We have found that some of the more “modern” materials can be fairly harsh on your paint. This cover is custom made to fit your model, either coupe or convertible. It is not waterproof, and therefore not suited to outdoor use in the rain. It is intended to be the best cover for use indoors or for temporary dry outside storage. These covers fit like a glove and have a nice heavy “hand”. Please note that the car pictured is a Mark III Saloon, but rest assured that your cover will be custom fitted to your model. In stock and ready to ship!

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